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LAG Královská stezka is supported of the RDP and LEADER EAFRD.


The territory of the LAG 2014

The territory of the LAG Královská stezka is located in the northern part of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and avers 619,1 square kilometers.

LAG Královská stezka now includes 65 villages which are home to a total of 34 138 inhabitants.


Map display area of the new LAG will be shown on the map.

A special area is especially comforting his character and ideal conditions for active recreation, especially for cycling, tourism and agro-tourism development.


A typical characteristic is reflected in the title of LEADER of the Strategic plan – “forgotten county” which reflects the relaxed pace of life of the region. LAG territory also lies in the geographical center of the Czech Republic and adjacent to the protected area Železné hory.


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